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Your Modus Operandi ('mode of operating') is as unique as your DNA. 


Your body operates in a specific way which results in how you look and feel. Therefore, your skin's blueprint is completely different to everyone else requiring a skincare programme designed specifically for you.


Your MÖ begins with profiling and analysis to understand your skin's natural pattern. Our aestheticians will formulate your MÖ programme using a symbiotic combination of aesthetic treatments and cosmeceuticals to provide results on a multi-dimensional level.

Photodynamic light will be at the core of your MÖ programme to work from the inside out, stimulating natural cellular regeneration and repair. 

Your lifestyle will change naturally over time. Your MÖ will therefore evolve with those changes giving you an emotional connection which will last a lifetime.

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 A symbiotic combination of advanced aesthetic treatments

Medical grade cosmeceuticals combined specifically for MÖ treatments

On-going profiling and analysis from certified MÖ aestheticians


MÖ Scandinavia is a franchise and luxury brand extension from the Scandinavian Skincare Systems Group of Companies which has been at the leading-edge of the aesthetic / medical skincare market for the past 29-years. 


Founded in 1994 by pioneer Marianne Olavesen-Stabb, the company was the first in the world to develop advanced aesthetic treatments which included cold-light fiber-optic Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).


‘MO’ stands for Modus Operandi but originally derives from the initials of our founder & president Marianne Olavesen (now Marianne Olavesen-Stabb).

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